Thanks for reading the article, Andy! Yeah, they may seem random, but I really wanted to have a healthy mix of agencies that focus on different things, while accomplishing the same goal of delivering a digital product….They also service a very similar client base (including startups).

Plus, I wanted to cover different geographic locations, which is still important when it comes

For example:

Clay — they are more in the app UI/UX design/web design business

Gin Lane — a great web design team, but also a full-cycle startup studio (and also investors)

Red Antler — they start with brand, but also cover all aspects of product design and development (this approach is getting popular now)

Metalab — they’re like Clay, but bigger :) definitely more app/UI design related firm.

Bakken & Baeck — a European digital product agency. They’re development-heavy, but have a wonderful design team that works with local European clients and US-based startups like Coinbase.

My name is Nik. I write about UI/UX, Web Design, and Branding.

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