• Nicholas Thomson

    Nicholas Thomson

    Chief Product Officer at Banked.com Fintech investor and advisor. Ex-Checkout.com.

  • fakeorange creative

    fakeorange creative

    endlessly curious design house full of polymaths with strong beliefs in collaboration https://www.fakeorange.com

  • Madhura Budukh

    Madhura Budukh

  • Akanji Emmanuel

    Akanji Emmanuel

    Data Analyst | Tech Enthusiast | Designer | Writer

  • Nandkumar Bhujbal

    Nandkumar Bhujbal

    The Author is a Chief Innovation Advisor for UX design at Vrunik solutions.

  • Vishal Goyal

    Vishal Goyal

    Design Thinking, Human Centered, and Technician — vishalgoyal.design

  • Munish Kumar

    Munish Kumar

    5+ years at Seasia Infotech as content writer. Love to write & read different topics.

  • Nikos Balaskas

    Nikos Balaskas

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